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Data Engineering

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Defining strategy objectives and tools necessary to achieve the intended goals and results.

Digital Transformation

Helping companies in digital transformation by establishing a framework and culture, where data is prized & effectively utilized to make decisions across an organization.

Best Practices

Ensuring data is acquired, validated, stored and protected (full lifecycle) in a standardized way for the purposes of processes and end-customers assuring
that data is reliable.

Growth Services - Use Cases

Data Engineering

(Big) Data Stack

Designing a modern data architecture for data-driven enterprises taking into account frameworks in which companies operate and their capabilities.

Data Managment

Designing of architectures, policies, procedures and roles that manage the full data lifecycle in every company for which data is an asset with the central role
of data governance.

Components of the data lifecycle:

  • Data Governance
  • Data Architecture
  • Data Pipelines
  • Data Security
  • Data Catalogs
  • Data Warehouses
  • ETL’s
Growth Services - Use Cases


360° Analytics

Helping to choose & provide proper tools and support enterprise teams needs in order to get actionable insights from their data.

Product Analytics

Aggregating data from various sources and A/B testing in order to map customers behavior with products e.g. Search engine or Gateway in order to proactively shape products for purposes of engagement and retention.


  • Segmentation
  • Funnel & user flow analytics
  • Cohort analytics
  • Management & operational dashboards
  • Retention dashboards
  • Many more
Growth Services - Use Cases

Digital Marketing

Marketing & Martech

Full-stack marketing advisory from social media & video to user experience & content.

Marketing (or web) analytics oriented on attribution, acquisition & conversion with central role of actionable insights to boost volume of paying customers/subscribers and optimize web usage.

Customer Journey

Designing customer journey seamless and happy by eliminating frustrating barriers making conversion difficult thanks to actionable insights provided by 360° analytics and product analytics.


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